After working in the art world for over 20 years, New Canaan native Betsy Jesup opened Handwright Gallery in 1998. Since then, Handwright has earned a solid reputation as one of the area’s leading galleries, offering an impressive selection of contemporary and traditional fine art.

The gallery also provides a full range of framing, in-home art consultation and installation services, as well as conservation and restoration of art and frames. Betsy’s extensive experience is reflected in everything from the quality of the artists represented, to the skill she applies to framing pieces ranging from a child’s first drawing to a museum acquisition. Her corgi, Snaffles, will welcome you to the gallery, but will not offer art advice!

Our Team

Betsy, CPF

I find it very rewarding to be able to work at what I love, helping people find joy in art through the purchase and framing of pieces that have unique meaning to them.

Every day that I am designing and making frames, I create something different, something beautiful and something totally unique. There are very few boundaries to hold the imagination back from creating a masterpiece.

I have been able to design and frame some amazing pieces of art, from Elvis’s guitar to a three foot high peacock feather Mardi Gras mask, to paintings by John Singer Sargent and Raphael Peale, as well as Andy Warhol silk-screens.

Whether it is a simple black frame or an ornate, gold leaf Hudson River School frame, it is the creative process that excites me the most. I love finding the perfect design that showcases the art and makes it a spectacular investment as well.

I have known some of the artists I represent for many years, but still am thrilled to find new ones to share with our clients looking to enhance contemporary or traditional interiors. It is a great feeling when I see a client’s excitement at having found “that perfect piece.”

I believe in what I sell and I stand behind everything I create.

– Betsy

Our Philosophy

We at Handwright Gallery & Framing are caretakers of art, whether we are helping you find the perfect painting to complement your home or the perfect frame to complement your artwork. We want to present you with good choices and help you make decisions that you will be happy with for many years to come.

We believe that art is a powerful personal statement, setting your home apart from all others. A good frame is part of that total viewing experience, enhancing and preserving the art that matters to you whether your child’s first painting, a Picasso or sentimental items. We treat all your art with the care and respect it deserves, blending visual aesthetics with the highest industry conservation and preservation standards.

We use our knowledge of the art world and framing expertise to assist you in what can sometimes be a difficult decision in choosing the art or frame that brings a smile to your face and matches your personal taste and décor. We work hard to ensure that you will be happy with your choices for years to come.