“People have described my photos as ‘surreal,’ ‘abstract,’ ‘radiant,’ and ‘timeless.’ That may all be true, but for me, they simply make me happy.
Photography has been a passion of mine since the mid 1990s. Over the years, I photographed my own three boys and then slowly but surely expanded into taking photographs of other people’s children. I specialized in capturing a wonderful moment in time.
Now my camera travels with me wherever I go with my husband and sons. In the past few years I’ve found myself fascinated with textures and reflections, with the play of light on water and objects. On Harbor Island in the Bahamas, my eye has been caught by the abstract designs of wind-blown sand and the striking patterns of seashells under glistening water. In Steamboat, Colorado, I’ve become obsessed with horses—amazing animals that are a photographer’s dream. The curl and crash of a wave after a hurricane on Block Island and the intricacy of a newly opened white chrysanthemum at the New York Botanical Garden are two more of my favorite ‘moments in time.’”