“My paintings are a personal expression of my lifelong fascination with the visual effects of color as revealed by the play of light across an array of objects or elements of the landscape. My goal is to portray the infinite beauty of color not only in every object itself but also in the interaction between objects, their shadows, and the surrounding space as light travels over and amongst them.
Although I occasionally work in the landscape, I am principally a still-life painter. Because a still-life artist has the absolute luxury of determining virtually every aspect of his or her painting, there is a clarity of vision possible through the creation, use, and presentation of light that is totally within the artist’s control. Beginning with my initial choice of objects, to the placement of those articles within a setting of interest, to the management of light and all the effects created by light and shadow through color and value, my goal is to examine and portray, and, perhaps, heighten the beauty I see in my set-up as it is revealed by the light.”