The best advice that McEvoy ever received came from long-time friend and mentor Herman Margulies, who told him to “just paint.” Taking that advice to heart, McEvoy does just that. At any one time, he has 4-5 large paintings in varying stages of completion in his studio in Newtown Connecticut. He paints whatever moves him; usually focusing on landscapes dotted with wildflowers. His signature style, what he calls “Abstract Impressionism,” draws upon the energy of Pollock, the colors of Monet and the closeness to nature seen in Wyeth.

“I love to paint because I only paint what excites me at a particular point in time. My art is not ‘reporting’ and it’s not ’interpreting’…it is simply my expression of pleasure” says McEvoy. His landscapes are full of bright greens and have numerous bursts of color for flowers. He drips, flings and pushes the paint around his canvases, creating a colorful range of abstract shapes meant to invoke the wildness of nature.