“I want to convey through the shape and form of a circle that one is in contact with language that is altered . . . When you look at one of my paintings, I don’t want you feel or think that you’re looking out a window. You’re not. You are looking at a form of energy.
I believe there is subtle energy in a variety of forms: the energy of dreaming, for instance, or the energy of transformation. The natural world contains a fabulous smear of energies – some embedded in things themselves . . . [A]nd some are a product of a particular happening. . . . The way I work with paint is its own form of energy. As the paint gets thinner, it gets runnier and harder to control. But the fluidity can be water-like, a mirroring of the energy of gravity and evocative of the waters flowing all around us, and within us.
Typically, we can’t see the ‘energy’ of our interactions. We can feel it. We react and respond to it. But it is hugely invisible. . . . There exists a whole universe inside our imaginations. Anything can be there. Our challenge is to make what’s in there visible, to say it in words, to move with it, to sing it to the sky.”