Katherine Evans was born to noted WPA artist/painter, Emerson Evans, whose work is a part of the famed Coit Tower Murals in San Francisco. Evans credits her father with laying the foundation for her lifelong interest in the arts, as he encouraged her explorations and her pursuits as she grew.

Today Katherine Evans, moved by the paintings of Helen Frankenthaler and Mark Rothko, combines her love of color and inspiration derived from her environment to create large, brightly colored pieces. Focusing on vibrant, rich colors, each piece begins based on her intuition. Fields of color, bold brush strokes and ‘layered textures all combine to create complex relationships. Her juxtaposition of warm and cool colors often reveal paintings within paintings which she then crops and layers onto another canvas. By overlaying these pieces and incorporating her signature series of dots, Katherine transforms her canvas into a multidimensional composition that is both grounded and free.