“I carry into my art the life experiences I have had…art is the pure voice of the artist.”
The 16 years spent living and working in China left a profound impact on Rose-Marie’s creativity; the beauty and flow of traditional Chinese culture clearly evident in her paintings. Working with acrylics and oils on Plexiglas, Rose-Marie paints both sides of her canvas simultaneously, engaging movement and depth. Vague ideas of places, music or sentiments provide the inspiration for her creations after which she allows the paint to speak and images to emerge. Some works are contemplations of small movements of water or wind while some note the stillness of the early morning or the late night filled with its mystery of becoming.
Upon returning to the US, Rose-Marie further developed her craft through classes at Silvermine Art Center where she remains a perpetual student. She credits her instructors and fellow artists there for the major advancements in her ability as an artist.
By channeling the convictions of the Chinese artists who brought forth their voices despite their stifling government, Rose-Marie believes that “art really is a part of the air we breathe…and we must breathe to survive.”