“I am drawn to watercolors because of their transparency and luminosity. I paint primarily to depict the beauty of light and the delicacy of the medium enables me to capture the range of variations in value and color, from striking to subtle, that light portrays. Often it is defined by the white of the paper, enhanced by colorful and interestingly shaped shadows. Planning for and leaving the lights constantly challenges me, as does creating a wide range of values. I accomplish this with numerous glazes to get those rich deep darks. I paint mostly with transparent colors and this allows prior layers to show through, revealing an exceptional glow. The need for planning does not eliminate spontaneity. I let the colors blend beautifully on the paper, often within the shadow shapes. This is a characteristic unique to watercolor that I love to observe. I intentionally try to heighten the colors I see with the paints in my palette. I often like to zoom in on my subjects, leading to intimate portraits, closely drawing the viewer in. This is evident in my florals and still lifes. I am also drawn to interiors with sunlight streaming in and scenes from local New England towns, from Nantucket to Maine. These include porches, store fronts, street scenes, doorways, all illuminated by early morning or late afternoon light when the sun creates interesting patterns of light and shadow. I paint things that I find beautiful, situations I find peaceful and calming. I wish to bring those feelings to the viewer.”