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Katherine Evans "Transcendent Tangerine"


The Illusion of Interpretation

May 4 – May 27, 2017

Exhibiting works by:
Katherine Evans
Karen Fitzgerald
Rose-Marie Fox
Linda George

Thursday, May 4th, 5-8pm

To be abstract is to be set apart from what we know to be real; to be defined by what it is not. However, reality sometimes has a way of morphing into the very thing it is meant to defy. We constantly attempt to give meaning to the things that confuse us; that we can’t understand or comprehend. We explain away that which we do not know by creating concepts and ideas that we trust to be true.
All too often, the lines separating what is certain and what is imaginary become blurred. When that happens, it gives rise to the visionary, the intangible and the fantastic. In the absence of what is real, normal rules cease to apply and everything around us becomes open to interpretation.
The exhibit celebrates the many ways our world can be seen. Four different artists with four different styles each give us a different impression of what exists around us. Every work of art in this show proves that reality can be transformed into abstraction, interpreted as illusion and that that illusion can become just as real as what inspired it.