In s.m. dyer

Brooklyn based photographer, Suz Dyer, began her “Shrouded Series” in 2012 when the Brooklyn Bridge began its much needed 6 year construction project to repair and revitalize the aging iconic structure. Dyer, enamored with the tarps covering the bridge at this time, describes them as “…..something Christo could have imagined: covered, cocooned, and shrouded, the span turned into a beautiful combination of steel, stone, canvas, and human effort, glorified by an accommodating sun.”

Dyer ended up taking daily walks over the bridge and was taken by the motion of the many layers of tarps as they caught the wind at the bridges high altitude. “What the camera saw was a cacophony of show and light, graffiti and paint, architecture and structure. I was there to catch the sun as it cast shadows, and at night, as the lights of the city illuminated the shroud.”