Dianne Panarelli Miller is an award winning plein air painter who has worked hard over the past thirty years to develop her own voice and perfect her craft.  She is a signature member of the New England Plein Air painters and is considered one of Boston’s Copley Masters.
She began studying art in college and has attended numerous private classes and ateliers over the years under the tutelage of renowned artists Robert Cormier, David Lowery and Robert Moore.  As a student of the Robert Hale Ives Gammell Atelier in Boston, she was surrounded by the city’s museums as well as the art galleries of Newbury Street, all of which helped her discover the style of art that spoke to her.
Her approach to painting fuses her classic training in the ‘Boston Tradition’ with a uniquely personal style.  Her work focuses on the play of light and color which she then expresses through harmonious design, sound composition and skillful paint handling.  Dianne enjoys the challenge each of her subjects bring and infuses all of her paintings with excitement and vitality.